Review in Gonzo Circus

01 October 2022

In Gonzo Circus #171 there is a review published of the book.

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Book launch on September 14

14 September 2022

On September 14, there was a book launch at V2.

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First review

01 September 2022

The first review of the book is published in the online newsletter Vital Weekly, written by Bauke van der Wal. You can read it at

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01 June 2022

The book is almost ready at the printer. Here are some previews of what it will look like!

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Indexing, and start of presales!

20 March 2022

While on my trip to Aalborg and Copenhagen in Denmark, I have been working on indexing, indexing, and some more indexing - besides teaching and giving presentations.

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Finishing touches

14 February 2022

Over the past months, we have been working on the final edits, the layout, references, index, and forewords.

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Editing, rewriting, making diagrams, and photos

10 August 2021

This is the summer of editing, rewriting and making diagrams. With the deadline getting closer for publishing the book, we are making a lot of progress on the work to get the last edits made for the book, creating diagrams, and I will soon send the text to the proofreader.

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To write or not to write

07 April 2021

As an inevitable part of writing, I am also taking decisions along the way what not to write. Or rather, what to write in a next book. The part computational behaviours that I previously planned for this book, seems to be too much to add right now. Rather, I think it merits a book of its own, where I can also go into more detail on my own artistic work. The updated contents for “Just a question of mapping” can be found on the book page.

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Testing book in MIT's Digital Instrument Design course

09 March 2021

In the coming months, I am working with Ian Hattwick, a lecturer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), to use the book within the context of the MIT course 21M.370 Digital Instrument Design. Ian selected a number of chapters to read with the students as part of the course, and has invited me to meet the students at two moments in the course in online lectures. In exchange, both the students and Ian are providing feedback on these chapters, both on the content and the structure of the text.

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Back to writing

18 February 2021

In the winter semester of the German academic year, I had the opportunity to teach at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe to the students of Music Informatics. I though two course, closely related to the topic of the book: “Custom Sensors for Sonic Interaction” and “Interactive Sound Design for Performative Contexts”. This put the writing partially on hold, but also gave me the opportunity to try out and work with the contents of the book with the students.

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Over 100.000 words

02 October 2020

Over the past time, I have been writing steadily: I am now past the 100,000 words mark!

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Work session at Splendor postponed

17 August 2020

The work session at Splendor is postponed to October. The exact dates still need to be determined.

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Proceedings ICLI online

03 July 2020

The proceedings of the International Conference on Live Interfaces are now online!

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Call open for work session at Splendor in August

22 June 2020

The call for the last work session planned within the trajectory for the book writing is open!

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Reflection on online worksession

17 June 2020

The worksession ‘Mapping my Mapping’ at V2_ was moved online due to the COVID-19 crisis. Moving it online meant that I could also take in some participants, who were originally planning to take part in the work session at NOTAM, Oslo. The artists that took part were: Tejaswinee Kelkar Rafaele Andrade Ariane Trümper Mári Mákó Mads Kjeldgaard Luke Demarest We analysed the works of these artists (that they chose) and shared our insights. There were two additional artists, who listened in and contributed with questions in the discussion: Kristin Norderval Máté Pacsika

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Work session online

27 April 2020

The work session that was planned at V2_ is moved online. Some of the participants that had signed up for the NOTAM work session that was cancelled, are now also taking part in this session. I’m looking forward to get to know the different projects of the participants in detail!

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Adapting the work session at V2_

25 March 2020

As the Corona crisis continues and public events and gatherings are banned in the Netherlands until June 1st, the work session at V2_ cannot take place physically on April 21, 22 and 23. The deadline for March 31st for participation is kept and after this deadline we will see how we can do the workshop - could be postponed until June, or be held online - that will be discussed with the applicants!

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Corona canceled the further tour

16 March 2020

The Corona crisis affected my Norway tour. As I was traveling back to Oslo from Trondheim, the Norwegian government took more actions to prevent the Corona virus from spreading. As a result my workshop at NOTAM, presentation and residency at BEK and presentation at IAC had to be canceled, and I had to find my way back home as soon as possible.

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Workshop, performance and presentation in Trondheim

01 March 2020

On March 2nd and 3rd, I will be teaching a two day workshop “Approaching the Question of Mapping” for a mix of fine art students of the Art Academy and music technology students of the NTNU in Trondheim - in the combined class for sound art and digital composition.

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Workshop and presentation in Copenhagen

26 February 2020

On Feb 27th, I will be teaching a workshop “Approaching the Question of Mapping” at the Aalborg University, at the department of architecture, design, and media technology to Master Students from the department.

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Work sessions in Oslo and Rotterdam

10 February 2020

Two worksessions are planned now:

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Support page created

29 January 2020

After considering different options for crowdfunding, I found that the best way would be to ask for irregular donations or recurring donations, rather than go for a crowdfunding campaign that requires a lot of extra work in advertising and coming up with additional rewards. So I’ve made a choice to use LiberaPay and Ko-Fi* which allow for small donations, without a push to a deadline. I’ve created a support page to provide you with links and to explain why I’m asking for donations.

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Launch of 2020

16 January 2020

In 2020 the book will finally get together, I have mapped out my year of writing! I’m looking forward to an intensive year of researching, writing and editing - and collaboration with SuperPosition for the graphical side of the work. In addition I will go to Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen) to give presentations about the research and work with artists there on the topic of mapping. Since I will be traveling by train (great place to be writing!), I will also make a stop in Copenhagen and Malmö. Two further work sessions are planned in the Netherlands at V2_ (Rotterdam)...

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First worksession at iii

01 November 2019

In the first worksession, that took place at iii on October 28, 29 and 30, we took an in-depth look at the work of four artists: Dan Gibson, Erfan Abdi, Stelios Manousakis and Solomiya Moroz. Over the course of three days, we delved deeper and deeper into these works. For the participants it was a good way to look at their own work again, and be able to describe and discuss their works in detail with the other participants.

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Funding received!

15 October 2019

Good news! I received the funding from the Creative Industry Fund NL to continue working on the book and towards publishing the book at the end of next year.

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Presentation at CIM '19

28 September 2019

On September 28th, I presented a position paper about the topic of the book at the Conference for Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM) in Graz.

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Funding application submitted

21 August 2019

At the start of the month, I submitted a large funding application for the follow-up trajectory to the Creative Industry Fund NL. In October I will hear about the result, and if the result is positive, I’ll be fully focused on the book in 2020 and publishing it at the end of 2020. For the co-financing for this funding application, I will start a crowdfunding action soon, so stay tuned!

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Expression of interest form online

13 May 2019

As I am preparing the follow-up trajectory, I have put an expression of interest form online. Please fill it in if you want to help out making this book real!

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Transcribing interviews

15 February 2019

After transcribing the interview with Andi Otto using MHWaveEdit and Kate, I realised I needed to improve the tools I use for this a little bit, to make it easier to pause, playback, and jump back and forth. So I found another software for playing back the files: Parlatype that provides the necessary playback utilities. But then I needed a way to control the interface in a way that would disrupt the typing as little as possible. So I looked for a way to use a MIDI controller, the Akai LPD8, to send the key presses. With xdotool I was...

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Presentation at Processing Community Day

06 February 2019

On Saturday February 9, I will give a presentation aobut the project at the Processing Community Day Amsterdam between 17h and 18h.

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Interviews for case studies

21 December 2018

This week I did three more interviews for case studies for the second part of the book: with Roosna & Flak, Frank Baldé from STEIM, and Jeff Carey.

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Survey online

12 December 2018

To get feedback on the ongoing project, I have created a survey to gather input, feedback and interest. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill in the survey:

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Writing retreat

09 November 2018

I’m in the middle of a week long retreat to spend dedicated time on the book.

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Interview with Andi Otto

02 August 2018

On July 16th, I interviewed Andi Otto about his Fello.

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Over 10000 words

14 March 2018

Slower than expected, but I am very happy that I can now announce that I have passed the threshold of 10,000 words in my first draft of part 1. As I am writing the outline is continuously changing: more topics to cover are added and I have been reordering some of the topics. Trains are particularly good places to write, I find, as I tend not to connect to internet and don’t have many other distractions while writing. Of course, I am encountering a number of topics where I feel I need to add references or look up additional sources...

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Project launch

06 November 2017

Halfway October I got the news that the Creative Industry Fund NL would fund me to get started on writing a book on mapping. The idea for this book has been in the back of my mind for a long time now - as it came up regularly in discussions during my post-doctoral research at Concordia University and in collaborations on projects since then (e.g. the Emerge project with Concordia University, the Modality project with BEK and a group of SuperCollider programmers and musicians, and during the METABODY EU-project while I was at STEIM).

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