Writing retreat

09 November 2018

I’m in the middle of a week long retreat to spend dedicated time on the book.

During this week I have so far 3744 words written (making for a total of almost 22,000 words right now), a bunch of graphs made and reorganised some sections and chapters.

I have spent a lot of time reading references: read half a book, gathered various papers and read a lot of these also through really fast. Also read some software manuals and looked at helpfiles of mapping libraries…

In the process, I’ve made a lot of notes about things to discuss and write down in the book somewhere (and where to just reference to my resources), which people to contact for various reasons - such as questions about the things they wrote (either in papers or in software).

And, I’ve started a new section on this website, listing useful resources. Much more to come in that section (like all the books and papers I’m reading), but it’ll take a while to gather all the references.