Workshop and presentation in Copenhagen

26 February 2020

On Feb 27th, I will be teaching a workshop “Approaching the Question of Mapping” at the Aalborg University, at the department of architecture, design, and media technology to Master Students from the department.

On Feb 28th, I will give a presentation “Aesthetics of mapping in interactive arts and embodiment” at the Faculty of Senses meeting #3. Location: Kommunal Kunst og Teknik og Støberiet på Blågårds Plads i København. Starting at 20h.

About Faculty of Senses

Faculty of Senses is a series of Performances, talks and discussions. The series focus on topics around our human bodies as mechanical systems working together with our consciousness and sensory apparatus. At the meetings we look into techniques, methods, rituals and tools that can be used to train our consciousness and shed light on its limitation incl. our ability to perceive and our (limited) ability to perceive on an interhuman level.

Through this activity, we wish to establish an open community of people interested in this field. A goal on the way is to open sources the process of the artistic ideas for shared inspiration. For each meeting we’ll search for particular locations that can contribute with a special framing to the presented works and presentations