Launch of 2020

16 January 2020

In 2020 the book will finally get together, I have mapped out my year of writing! I’m looking forward to an intensive year of researching, writing and editing - and collaboration with SuperPosition for the graphical side of the work. In addition I will go to Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen) to give presentations about the research and work with artists there on the topic of mapping. Since I will be traveling by train (great place to be writing!), I will also make a stop in Copenhagen and Malmö. Two further work sessions are planned in the Netherlands at V2_ (Rotterdam) in April and at Splendor (Amsterdam) in August. For a full overview of the events, see the agenda page. Links to detailed information will be linked there. People have asked me whether it still makes sense to fill in the expression of interest form or the survey - and yes it does! The information from the forms will help me to inform you when pre-orders can be made or to tell you about how you can otherwise (financially) support the book.