Project launch

06 November 2017

Halfway October I got the news that the Creative Industry Fund NL would fund me to get started on writing a book on mapping. The idea for this book has been in the back of my mind for a long time now - as it came up regularly in discussions during my post-doctoral research at Concordia University and in collaborations on projects since then (e.g. the Emerge project with Concordia University, the Modality project with BEK and a group of SuperCollider programmers and musicians, and during the METABODY EU-project while I was at STEIM).

So I am happy to finally get started: I have an outline, I have started on writing the first chapter and I am contacting people to alert them about the work I’m doing.

The startup funding runs until April 2017. My plan for the next weeks is to start working on the different chapters of part one, so that by January I have a rough version of that part. On this website, I will keep you informed of the progress!

If you want to get involved in one way or another, please write me at